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On my Way ...

I love to move, to feel my body in action, and from a very young age I explored a lot of different forms of sport. Besides my urge to move I started to discover drawing and photography as a teenager.
Since quite a while I'm a freelancer and I've worked mainly as a webdesigner and graphic artist, nowadays moving more towards photography, illustration and painting, but besides that, I still have a great desire to move my body, be it in dance, on a bike or through running.
When I came in touch with the grinberg method in 2010, I was impressed by this kind of body work. The combination of a structured methodology of learning and a very concrete body work were fascinating.
I decided to get to know more about this kind of body work, started with my own one-on-one learning process and did various workshops and seminars. After this period I realised, that I really wish to learn more about it - and through it, more about myself.

As a body worker & somatic coach I love to work with a variety of people, showing them, how can it be possible to combine body and life in an often unexpected and new way.

body work of the grinberg method, Berlin - Susanne Kohlsomatic coach - Susanne Kohl - Berlin