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Grinberg Studios

Actually, I give one-on-one processes of the Grinberg Method in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg and in Mitte (close to Kreuzberg).
Both studios can be reached well through public transport.

Grinberg Studio

Schliemannstr. 34
10437 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

Grinberg Studio in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg - Bodywork Grinberg Studio - Body Work in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg Grinberg Studio in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

The Grinberg Studio is relatively close to the Berlin S-Bahn ring. You will find it between the stations Prenzlauer Allee and Schönhauser Allee. The walking distance will take around 10 minutes.

KörperRaum Mitte

Studio for Body Work - Grinberg Method
Neue Jakobstr. 1-3
10179 Berlin - Mitte

Body Work at Mitte, Berlin Grinberg Body Work in Berlin, Mitte
Body Coach at KörperRaum Mitte, Berlin Grinberg Bodywork at Berlin Body Work in Berlin Mitte, Grinberg method

KörperRaum Mitte is located between the metro stations Heinrich-Heine-Straße (U8) and Märkisches Museum (U2). You can also reach the studio from the metro station Jannowitzbrücke (S-Bahn) within 5 to 10 minutes.